Private Lessons

Why Private Lessons?

Private lessons are the very best way to acquire well rounded skills and a proper understanding of when to use them. The private lesson environment allows for immediate analysis, feedback, and correction. Ensuring they are corrected the proper way. Private Lessons allow for a constant reinforcement of good habits. The 1-on-1 lesson allows the coach and goalie to work at a pace that will maximize the goalies progression. The 1-on-1 attention allows the coach to work at each goalies specifically needed pace so good habits are created and practiced.

  • Learn Proper Technique. Learn proper and well-rounded skills and when to use them.
  • Instant Analysis, Feedback, & Correcting. Correct issues and work to fix them right away.
  • Create Good Habits. Constantly reinforce good fundamental habits.
  • Stop Bad Habits. Train at a pace of shots that suits you, so good habits are created.
  • Use it or Lose it! Repeat necessary skills, so you improve and maintain.

Why with GA?

The Goalie Academy has grown its reputation on specific and customized Private Lessons, in which we never force semi-privates.

We have a large surface that allows for all situations to be duplicated rather than straight on shots and crease movements only.

Our Synthetic surface allows for built in resistance which promotes stronger pushes, quicker movement, and explosive power. The harder the practice is the easier the game will become.

  • Superior Staff. The Goalie Academy only employs Pro and NCAA college level experienced goalies ONLY and in return our goalies see Proven Results.
  • Individual, Specific, & Customized Training. Work on what you need and work at your pace.
  • Best Training Times. We have our own facility, so you can train at your convenience.
  • Synthetic Ice. Built in resistance training for stronger pushes, quicker movement, and explosive power. You will work harder, which will make the games that much easier.
  • More Space. 30’ x 40’ training space for game-like situations! Not only crease movements.
  • Proven Results. We have already developed the area’s best goalies! From the ground up, we have produced goalies to Tier 1/AAA, Prep, Junior (USHL, OHL, NAHL, OPJHL, EJHL) NCAA D-I & D-III College and Pro levels (AHL, ECHL).

Private Lessons Rates
Effective January 1, 2014

Goalie Lessons:
Private Lesson (1 hr)    $95.00
Semi-Private (1 hr)        $65.00 

Packages: (Paid in Advance)
Packet 5: Five Private Lessons for $465.00
Packet 10: Ten Private Lessons for $900.00